Air assist connector

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Evan Winn
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Air assist connector

Post by Evan Winn »

OH NO!! My air assist connector broke, I've ordered a new from alibaba, but it won't be in for a month.

Any advice on where to get one quickly?

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Dave Vigness
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Re: Air assist connector

Post by Dave Vigness »

The hardware store will have them without the integrated valve. Just add an ice maker in line shut off valve and be done with it. If you are US, Grainger has them as well in SAE and Metric.
Pete Cyr
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Re: Air assist connector

Post by Pete Cyr »

Pneumatic Push to Connect Air Flow Control Valve, 6mm Tube OD x 4mm Male Thread, Elbow 90 Degree

Paste the line of text above into google….I suspect the air line shown is 6mm…..I am not sure what size the male threads may be
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Frank Small
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Re: Air assist connector

Post by Frank Small »


You can get them from Mc Master Carr, MSC Direct and Fastenal. These are industrial supply houses in the USA that carry that sort of thing.

The threaded part is 10-32 (SAE) which is the same as regular 5mm thread. Just order it for for your tubing size (4mm or 6mm what ever you are using) as Pete suggests.

If you are using 6mm tubing order the 6mm (metric) and NOT the 1/4” one. 1/4” is close but slightly larger and may not seal around 6mm tubing.

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