Convex shelving unit

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Gene Uselman
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Convex shelving unit

Post by Gene Uselman »

I saw this somewhere and my mind has been drawing plans for it ever since- and I am trying to act on things instead of thinking about them. This is a simple proof of concept piece to see what the problems would be... the thicker the shelves the harder it is to blend the curved area where they cross as it happens. This was .5" mdf plywood about 20x20", .25 material would make the crossings less noticeable and adding more 'cubbies' would be easier. This took about a half hour to cut.

3D shelving.jpg
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Pete Cyr
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Re: Convex shelving unit

Post by Pete Cyr »

Cool, very nice
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Rodney Edington
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Re: Convex shelving unit

Post by Rodney Edington »

I like it. Great work, Gene.

Here is my build
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