Protective Button Cover

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Michael Dunning
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Protective Button Cover

Post by Michael Dunning » Thu Jan 05, 2017 12:53 am

I didn't have the file saved when I made my button cover last year. So I drew up a new one with the things I would have changed with mine in the hopes people will find it useful. So here's the V2!

I used two layers of 2mm acrylic purchased from Lowes. The height turned out perfect once I added the second layer.

The cover itself was cut from a flat portion of one of those impossible-to-open-melted-edge plastic packages that I had lying around. Russ used the clear top from a Christmas card box set. Anything thin, clear, and flexible like that should do. It takes a decent amount of force to push a button, but I wouldn't get much thicker than say 0.5 mm.

I assembled mine using double-sided scotch tape. Just lay the tape down and uses scissors to cut off the overhanging extra width.

Good Luck!
Button Cover V2.dxf
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