Inconsistent cut results

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pierre dradin
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Re: Inconsistent cut results

Post by pierre dradin » Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:48 am

It is possible that a mirror is defective, and that the power of the tube does not give everything, change the mirrors or test with a powermeter between each mirror
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Chris Berry
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Re: Inconsistent cut results

Post by Chris Berry » Sat Jan 07, 2017 12:55 pm

Just putting the results in the same place

Original cut
10% power = 1mm depth
15% power = 4mm depth
20% power = 5.5mm depth
25% power = 6mm depth
30% power = 6mm depth
35% power = 6mm depth
40% power = 6.5mm depth
45% power = 6.5mm depth

focused 3mm closer:
10% - <1mm
15% - 2.5mm
20% - 3mm
25% - 4mm
30% - 4mm
35% - 4.5mm
40% - 4.5mm
45% - 4.5 mm

This test was informative - although not the results expected.
Focused 3mm closer and achieving at least a 3mm cut, with increases in power we should have been able to hit at least 6.5mm - the fact that we didn't means that increases in power are not resulting in increases in output. A reduction in cut depth focused closer is very curious indeed - it can only be explained by being focused closer to begin with. Just to make sure, run a focus test on a sloped plane - it may just be possible that we started too close.
Now for the bad news. With the ramping down at 35% Either the electrical system isn't keeping up or the tube is shot. Seeing as you're seeing increased current draw, the latter is much more likely.

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