NOW AVAILABLE -Russ' Videos - Published on a USB Drive.

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NOW AVAILABLE -Russ' Videos - Published on a USB Drive.

Post by Keith Sherwin » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:15 pm

I received this from Russ.
... "It also now enables me to offer something that was requested a month or two past. For a once off cost of £25 (FREE POSTAGE) I will supply anyone that messages me with their email address via the Sarbar Multimedia You Tube private messaging system* a 64gb USB 2 memory stick with ALL the published videos (plus a few extras) that they can run into a suitable tv or a pc for off-line viewing. I will email them once a month with updates to the index and downloads to their pc via Google Drive."
"* The You Tube messaging system for those who don't know, can be accessed by going to any Learning Lab video and clicking on the blue square beside Sarbar Multimedia. That will open a window with tabs. Click on the ABOUT tab and another screen opens. Top right there is a MESSAGE button.
BTW, when you use the method Russ describes, your email is not in the wild. It only goes to Russ, not all of youtube.
Best wishes and thanks to GeneMpls for his initial contribution.

I have posted the PDF Index of the videos with points, that Russ sent me, in this link.
:idea: Started this forum.
Lead in creation of the RDWorksLab English Manual.
Cheers, :D


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