Meeting with Russ & Trip to Europe

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Meeting with Russ & Trip to Europe

Post by Keith Sherwin » Sun Oct 02, 2016 5:11 pm

My wife and I recently went on a trip to Europe. We traveled to Venice Italy, then cruised down the Danube from Vienna, AUSTRIA to; SLOVAKIA, HUNGARY, CROATIA, SERBIA, BULGARIA and ended in ROMANIA where we visited friends for a few days. Then we went to England and visited a friend in Crewe (missed making another friend due to illness on our part) and then we headed over to visit Russ & his wonderful wife Mary. Russ had told me he would meet us at the train and he would be the one with the halo. True to his word, even though we made it a bit tricky for him to meet us, he showed up with his Halo!! It was required that I leave my axe at home as they did not wish to have an axe murderer visit them. :lol:

Russ and I had a fair bit of time to visit, do some sailing [great time], talk shop and bounce ideas off each other. Russ suggested that after the Software Manual, the Machine Manual ALSO required translation. Seems we are doing all of the work for RUIDA!

Friday, the last day of our visit with Russ, we drove down to visit Gareth Lewis @ Think Laser so I could see the quality of their units as well as chat about various items including the manual. Very nice units indeed.

After that, we stopped by a Pub and had a late lunch. Then Russ dropped us off at our hotel near LHR so we could catch our flight home on Saturday.

We were to arrive home late Saturday night after a 23 hour day, but ran into difficulties with Canada Customs being over run with people and the normal 10 minute wait turned into 70 minutes and we consequentially missed 2 flights and had to spend the night in Vancouver. Made it back home today to way too many emails in the RDWorks account - which have all been answered. Gave GeneMpls his Platinum Star and will have a few days rest before getting back at the manual.

The Forum gets over 3000 unique visitors per month, but we only have ~ 420 members. Would be nice if folks would sign on - "Russ" is the key word. I have opened up the full forum for a while, but you still have to register and reply to the email that is sent to you, so you can download any files.
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:idea: Started this forum.
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