Tip about incompatibility of RDWorks .21 files with earlier versions

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Tip about incompatibility of RDWorks .21 files with earlier versions

Post by Doug Fisher » Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:53 pm

In my experience and from what others have posted, .rld design files created in version .21 are not backward compatible with earlier versions of RDWorks. I know this is true in my case for files created on my upstairs desktop running version .21 which will then not open on my laptop that is located next to the laser and connected to it via a USB cable.

When I tried to open the file create on my desktop running .21 on my laptop running .18, I received the incompatibility error. Since the design file was simple, I just decided to recreate it using the .18 software on the laptop by clicking the icon to create a new file. I recreated the file and then saved it. When I closed the file and then went to reopen the file, I received the incompatibility error again. Even if I closed RDWorks and started again, the problem remained. This continued to happen multiple times until I first opened an old file that I originally created in .18 on the laptop THEN clicked the icon for creating a new file, then created my file and finally saved it. By going through this routine of first opening a file originally created in .18, it cleared out some sort of "bad leftovers" that were read into RDWorks and obviously saved somewhere by the mere act of trying to open the .21 file.
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