E-Bay & Ali-Express - Cheap Chinese Lasers

Things to watch out for & Helpful hints for newbies.
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E-Bay & Ali-Express - Cheap Chinese Lasers

Post by Keith Sherwin » Fri Nov 04, 2016 1:42 pm

This is a warning about purchasing lasers from E-Bay or Ali-Express.
Not saying ALL dealers are this way, but way too many are VERY BAD. Be prepared to NOT get what you ordered or to get units with very shoddy workmanship and mechanical defects.The laser tubes and power supplies on these frequently only last a very short period of time and generally the power output is NOT as sold. Consider that the wattage will be at least 10%-15% less than advertised. 80 Watts might be 65, 50 Watts might be 38 ...
Many members use PayPal to purchase their units and some have received full refunds from these shoddy dealers. Some dealers will say that you will get certain equipment that you want, AND PAY FOR, but they do not send that equipment. Then you have to go to "Dispute Resolution". Some of the China Dealers have "Full Refund if not satisfied"! BUT - you pay return shipping!! Have them send an email saying THEY will pay for return shipping if product is not as described - in the same email. If they will not, then do not purchase from them. READ the "offer for sale or to purchase" very carefully as the excitement of purchasing may cause you to overlook some important detail. I personally would not purchase a unit that does not have all Hi-Win Style rails for all of the three rails required for the two axis http://www.hiwin.com/linear-guideways.html. As for the "Up down Table/Bed" - many like the manual method vs. the automatic. That can save a bit of money.

WARNING - G.WEIKE STORM 600 - DO NOT PURCHASE - They are including an OUT OF DATE Ruida Controller {Ruida ST-908}. It will NOT run RDWorks V8.01.18.

If you are not handy mechanically
, you might consider purchasing from a REPUTABLE DEALER for more money and generally MUCH better service. Yes, they still are Chinese machines but they have quality components installed and are usually manufactured to the importing dealers higher quality specifications. Most E-bay lasers do not have "UL/CSA" certification and that can cause problems when used in a workplace when used by employees. Not a problem if you are the one using it or it is a hobby machine.

There are several very reputable dealers in England, Canada and the USA. And, YES, you will pay more, but it might be well worth the extra money, especially if you are not a hobbyist and not handy with all the nuances that a laser requires. We hear way too many horror stories about the Chinese Dealers & machines. We mostly hear praise about the reputable dealers.

Then there is the software. If you are not computer literate or have a good friend to help you through getting the software setup to work correctly - especially initially. You might consider trying a different hobby. The software is not difficult to install or to use if you have a modicum of computer savvy. As this forum is mostly for machines with the RUIDA controller, that is a VERY SERIOUS CONSIDERATION. Most people want to use RDWorks V8.01.18 or higher. As noted above, some dealers use older controllers while other machines do not use RUIDA controllers at all. Make absolutely sure that the unit you purchase will run at a minimum RDWorks V8.01.18 or higher - GET IT IN WRITING!

So, in the end, it depends on YOUR level of expertise, comfort level, pocket book and how rapidly you wish to replace the Laser Tube and Power Supply.
Not saying "Don't Purchase Chinese Lasers" but please, BE INFORMED.

People say "WHY WASN'T I WARNED"? - You have just been warned :!:
Please realize that NOT ALL UNITS come with Ruida Controllers. Some are really terrible and a LOT of people switch to the Ruida Controller. Best to ask in the first place and have them put it in writing :!: Note: Ruida ST-908 is an OUT OF DATE controller - do not get a unit with this controller. If in doubt, ask on the forum.

You may want to give SERIOUS thought to purchasing from one of our forum sponsors.
They are reputable dealers with a high degree of support.

Send me a PM if you disagree with this post.

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