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Please try to support these companies where possible.
They are Honest & provide EXCELLENT support / service.
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thinklaser - UK

Post by Keith Sherwin » Fri Nov 11, 2016 12:40 pm

"thinklaser's" Gareth Lewis has done a huge amount of work on the manual. He is responsible for the Table of Contents and the Index as well as packaging it all together. He will also be creating a "British" English version of the manual for use by "thinklaser" customers under license from the forum.

"thinklaser" have a wide range of very high quality laser systems; fibre Nd:YAG and CO2. They even have a lovely small business or home user unit.
See Russ' video of his new "LightBlade" unit.

Please consider contacting them if wanting to purchase a QUALITY laser with excellent support.

Their website is:
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