The rest of the series

Russ' adventures continue with his thinklaser machine.
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The rest of the series

Post by Keith Sherwin » Sat Dec 10, 2016 2:57 pm

Will keep adding the links here, although it is best to subscribe to this series.
#01 Introduction -
#02 Datums, Zeros and Origins -
#03 Basic Drawing Tools -
#04 Advanced Drawing Tools -
#05 Our First Program -
#06 Know your Laser Tube and Hazards -
#07 Understanding Your Auto Focus -
#08 Setting the Processing Order -
#09 Beam Alignment Health Checker -
#10 Understand and Care for your Lenses -
#11 Mirrors and how to care for them -
#12... Missing?
#13 The Anatomy of Your Laser Beam -

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