Aluminum Composite Material

Discussion on what materials you laser cut or engrave
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Aluminum Composite Material

Post by Gene Uselman » Thu Nov 24, 2016 8:59 am

ACM is the go-to product for signshops for signblanks, fabrication and a lot of other things. It is commonly available from most plastics suppliers and all sign supply dealers- commonly in 4x8 sheets in 3 & 6mm and also in other sizes (5x10 is common) depending one what the supplier stocks. We have bought up to 100 sheets at a time, but now we normally buy 25 sheets as we get the same great pricing on the lower quantity and it relieves the stocking problems.

I have a sample book of different colors and finishes for the MAX-metal brand (sold by Grimco) so I figured it would be good to know how the different finishes engrave for future use. In a word- it engraves fine, mostly. As you can hopefully see from the pict the mirror finish was almost untouched and the silver brushed finish was quite subtle. Yet another arrow in our quiver. Gene
ACM engraving.jpg
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