Hello and greetings from Oz down under

Anthony Halley
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Joined: Wed Oct 11, 2023 6:42 pm
Location: Sydney New South Wales
Country: Australia
Nickname: Comet
Laser Machine Make or Type: Flux Beambox Pro
Laser Power: 50W
Laser Bed Size: 500x600
Home Position: TL
Control Software: LIGHTBURN
RDWorks Version: -
Ruida Controller: Other
Windows Version: 10
Accessories: Rotation rollers, CW-5000 Refrigerated Water Cooler, AC Power Meter, 100mm Axial exhaust

I realise that the forum appears to be mostly Ruida controller based but looking at the content I thought I may have something to contribute as a nominal 'outsider'.
I have a Flux Beambox Pro that has a 50W tube and uses proprietary software - not Lightburn.
I am 80 years old and still practice in my own electrical engineering consultancy business.
I have used a Stepcraft CNC but now mainly use the Beambox Pro for acrylic/slate and developing some templates I use with my router.
The Beambox is fitted with a CW-5000 refrigerated chiller that works fine in our hot Australian summer. It is also fitted with a 100mm axial extractor fed from the extractor fan fitted to the Beambox - I have upgraded the nozzle air-assist to a larger 240v unit that is controlled via a relay connected to the original wiring.
I have also fitted a small 12vDC "kicker fan" that can be switched on if I need to assist smoke/fumes toward the vents at the rear.
I have a CO2 extinguisher that I am contemplating being automatically started to enable 'drenching' the interior in case of a severe flareup.

Hopefully that may generate some discussion .... T
Pete Cyr
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Joined: Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:16 pm
Location: Suffolk Virginia
Country: United States
Laser Machine Make or Type: Boss 1630
Laser Power: 100w
Laser Bed Size: 16"x30"
Home Position: TR
Control Software: RDWORKS
RDWorks Version: v8.01.18
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: Win 10
Accessories: roller rotary attachment

Welcome Anthony - have fun!
Location - VA
Equipment - Boss Laser 1630
Power - 100W
Laser Bed Size - 16" x 30"
Home Position - TR
Full RDWorks Version - v8.01.18
First name - Pete
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Gareth Lewis
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Joined: Mon Jan 03, 2022 12:35 pm
Location: Aberdare, RCT, Wales
Country: United Kingdom
Nickname: Gareth
Laser Machine Make or Type: Tangerine Tiger
Laser Power: 50W
Laser Bed Size: 300 x 500
Home Position: BL
Control Software: RDWORKS
RDWorks Version: v8.01.47
LightBurn Version: v1.5.03
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Windows Version: 10
Accessories: Rotary Unit, Camera, digital millammeter, digital thermometer readout

Hi Anthony,

I've had a little experience with the Flux systems, they look nice but best you get yourself a spare camera cable as they easily break.
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