Info on how to use Rescue/Vendor files

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Gene Uselman
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Info on how to use Rescue/Vendor files

Post by Gene Uselman »

As soon as you have powered up- even before playing with the laser- record these settings in RDworks:

Under the File tab> Vender settings>[password is normally rd8888]>[(or RD8888, HF8888, CC8888, possibly GXFC88]
at the bottom click READ> then save to a location you will remember. this is a .RDVset file.

Under the User settings tab at the right of the page> at the bottom again click Read and Save. This will be a .RDUSet file. [again to somewhere you can find when the crap hits the fan... and the chances are good!

Update for Lightburn software- the 'Vendor files' in RDworks are under the Edit menu and 'Machine Settings'- the contols are very similar to RDworks- you must first Read and then Write after making changes.

Now you can play with your new toy, good luck :D Gene

Edit 7.10.2021-
All the different Ruida controller models I have seen so far use the same Vendor files. The Vendor files can be edited and compared with a free program called Notepad++ [ there is a free download for the Comparison feature] it will then show you which items in each file are different- this can be very useful.
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Ian Bell
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Re: Info on how to use Rescue/Vendor files

Post by Ian Bell »

Great advice Gene, and documented to show how - cheers
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