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Jack Martin
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reasonable DPI

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What would you say is a reasonable maximum DPI with a lens that focus's at 20 mm?
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sebastien laforet
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Re: reasonable DPI

Post by sebastien laforet »

it should not be necessary to be finer than 0.1mm per dot, because this is the finest point that you can obtain whatever your settings..

so, 254DPI should be the max.. setting DPI higher will just OVERLAP points, and you will not get a better resolution.

in some cases, you might want nevertheless to set the line interval below the 0.1mm value, because you want those lines to overlap. for example to be sure to have a frosted "uniform" look on acrylic, but you can also achieve this effect by defocusing slightly and using 0.1mm interval : the points will be larger and overlap on each other, without needing to add processing time.
Sébastien Laforet
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