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Re: Vendor Options -> Soft PLC

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RDWorks also has these generic "IO / Out" values in the "Advance" tab for cut settings, so I mimicked what those change in the cut file, only to find that they don't really do anything. I'm going to have to poke my contact at Ruida to see if they can tell me what those do.
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Re: Vendor Options -> Soft PLC

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Quick note on the status light. I used the Status Indicator on CN1 Pin 4 with a relay to provide me the machine status. When the laser is running/ pulsing the light is Red and when in stand-by the light is Green. I haven't tackle the error or stop function but I am focus on wiring in the OUT1 and OUT2 to trickle this event. I am not an electrical engineer but I do now how to fiddle with relays.
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Re: Vendor Options -> Soft PLC

Post by Sean Motta »

I have seen several topics on these lights. I bought a 24v light off Amazon which I saw in another post. I have this controller and these pins, but they don’t seem to ground and react the way I expected. Does anyone know exactly how to wire this up?
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Re: Vendor Options -> Soft PLC

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If I remember correctly you need to wire the lights with the positive to the permanent +24v and the 0v on the light is the STATUS pin. It confused me for a while but I'm sure the pin is active low. When the pin is inactive it drifts up to +24v but when active it gets pulled down to ground giving you a 24v difference and that will be enough to light your lamp.

What is the current required for your lamp? I don't know how much the Rudia can handle. I fitted some relays to my controller so I was able to switch different voltages (5v and 240v) without any problems.

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