RDWorks and Windows 11

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Jeffrey Aley
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Joined: Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:08 am
Location: Folsom, California
Country: United States
Laser Machine Make or Type: Kehui
Laser Power: 50W
Laser Bed Size: 500mmx300mm
Home Position: TL
RDWorks Version: 8.01.24
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Accessories: Spray bottle with water (for small fires)
Fire extinguisher (for big fires)
Windows Version: Win10 Enterprise

RDWorks and Windows 11

Post by Jeffrey Aley »

Hi Folks,

I'm pondering upgrading my PC from Windows 10 to Windows 11.

Does anyone use RDWorks with Windows 11? I'm currently using 8.01.24. Are there any issues that I should watch out for?


Bryan Kelly
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Location: Ontario
Country: Canada
Nickname: BCK
Laser Machine Make or Type: (Ketai) KT 9060...
Laser Power: EFR-F2-80 watt
Laser Bed Size: 900x600
Home Position: TL
Control Software: RDWORKS
RDWorks Version: V8.01.48
Ruida Controller: RDC6445
Accessories: honeycomb bed, Hiwin linear guide rails, mA meter, rotary, digital water flow meter w/temp, material pass through, red dot, electric table. 1/4 hp sea line pro 300A chiller..
Windows Version: 10

Re: RDWorks and Windows 11

Post by Bryan Kelly »

i use .49 with win 11 works fine for me?
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