How exactly do i engrave onto a item i produce ?

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Louie Elbro
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How exactly do i engrave onto a item i produce ?

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Hello there
I hope I'm in the correct place for this question .
I would like to engrave my logo onto pieces that i create , however after a internet search I'm really none the wiser . Hope the hive mind can help.
I am using Coreldraw as my main vector program and doing my best to learn it , and its "Thunder Laser" for my cutter .
many thanks
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Gene Uselman
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Re: How exactly do i engrave onto a item i produce ?

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Lightburn 1.0 came out today with a system to register pieces on the cutting bed to the graphic. I had to try it and on a piece I had engraved and wanted cut slightly differently I was about .020 off [this piece is 3x4 inches so not a great thing to register. I see a lot of use for this feature in my future.

As far as how to engrave your product, we would need to know more about it- is it flat or shaped like a mushroom?
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