Ammeter box only, can there be too many?

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fred ungewitter
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Ammeter box only, can there be too many?

Postby fred ungewitter » Sun Sep 04, 2016 3:23 pm

Not having as much time as I'd like to begin building things with my laser, I have to stick with what works for me now. I've been stuffing my alleged mind with as much information as I can, and part of that information indicates that an ammeter is an important item to have for one's laser health.

I didn't want to chop big holes in my machine, so an external box was indicated, leaving only a single hole for the wiring.

The photos have a Horrible Freight flashlight in the photo for scale, but that may be redundant considering the typical meter size.

IMG_1071.JPG (2.11 MiB) Viewed 181 times

3D printed on a BCN3D Sigma, 0.200 mm layer height, 10 percent infill, five hours.

IMG_1073.JPG (2.08 MiB) Viewed 181 times

Not visible in this photo are the holes for the meter mounting. The main cut-out and meter mount holes aligned perfectly on the first attempt. I'm using OpenSCAD for my model creation, probably the 3D modeling software with the least difficult learning curve, but that's my opinion, not a solid fact.

IMG_1077.JPG (2.06 MiB) Viewed 181 times

I didn't want to cut a hole in the machine and run wires through without protection, so I hit the Thingiverse world and found a convenient grommet model. I can't print it today as I have a contract print running, but it's certain to get done tomorrow. I have already tested the polarity of the meter and matched it to the laser. At 10 percent power, the meter reads 2.0 milliamperes. I realize now I'm lucky to not have burned out the meter. I connected it as a test to the laser dot leads at the nozzle, but had no load in place. Dead short for a fraction of a second. Sheesh.

If you want to print your own, you can find it here, once the publish command goes through:
Please note that I'm not a programmer and the code will reflect that. I have commented it extensively and the necessary parameters will be clear, should any adjustments be required. Also note that I'm printing with an uncalibrated printer. I tend to adjust the OpenSCAD code to get the necessary fit, rather than adjust the printer as I should. This means that someone else's printer may generate a model that won't fit the meter. To prevent this with my model, I sliced away most of the box and left behind the panel with the holes as a 2mm thick template. If someone plans to 3D print one, I'd suggest doing the same. Having the source code means anyone can adjust it to make it work.

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Gene Uselman
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Re: Ammeter box only, can there be too many?

Postby Gene Uselman » Mon Sep 05, 2016 5:30 am

Nice job- for those of us without 3D printers, this could easily be cut in pieces on your laser and glued up- and with the angles it would be a good design challenge. I am tempted to design one right now, just for practice, and then redesign it as I think Russ (a design eng.) would. Gene

I have been thinking about a 3D printer for years, but they are kinda slow, and I am kinda old. :D
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