Swivel arm for laptop

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Johnny Smith
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Swivel arm for laptop

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Hi all, for those that might be interested, I designed and 3D printed a swivel arm support for my laptop being used to control my Red Black laser.
The base is bolted to the top of the lasers cabinet. The vertical pipe is just a piece of 20mm OD curtain rail and simply slides into a hole that runs through the base. So that the pipe does not wear into the top of the cabinet, I made provision for a steel washer to be installed before the base is bolted down. This way the end of the pipe only rubs against the washer if the pipe was to rotate when the laptop is swiveled around. The horizontal arm is another piece of the same pipe secured into the "T" piece so that while the "T" is free to rotate around the vertical pipe, it is not free to rotate around it's axis. At the end of the horizontal arm is another "T" oriented vertically and again secured so it cant rotate. The laptop tray is free to rotate horizontally.

I dare say everyone is confused by now so as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.....
The whole things ended up a bit over engineered but I wasn't sure how strong the 3D print would be and I certainly did not want my laptop to "take one for the team".
Laptop Swivel Arm.png
I've attached the STL files in case any members are motivated enough to want one for themselves. Happy to provide the Freecad source file if you need to modify for your own use/circumstances. I do ask that the files not be published elsewhere including Thingiverse.

Hope it is useful for someone.

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