VERY large bed laser

Very Large Laser Beds
Charles Jones
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Location: Meridian, Mississippi
Country: United States
Laser Machine Make or Type: GWeike LC1390N & LC1530D
Laser Power: 100W
Laser Bed Size: 1300x900 & 3050x1525
Home Position: TR
Control Software: RDWORKS
RDWorks Version: 8.01.10
Ruida Controller: RDC6442
Accessories: Rotary Chuck, Rotary Spindle, Custom Aluminum Flatness Table for Sheet Goods, Custom Vacuum Flatness Table for Thin Sheet Goods.
Windows Version: 10

Re: VERY large bed laser

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Yeah. I have a couple more pieces that I need to cut and install, but time didn't allow and I was excited to post something.
Gweike LC1390N (1300x900mm) & LC1530D (3050x1525mm)
RECI W6 130 watt
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