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Full Names ONLY

Postby Keith Sherwin » Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:00 am

I have now restricted the forum to Members Only that use their FULL NAME as a LOGIN:.
If you are registered - Obviously you see the rest of the forum!
If you are registering or changing your login please read the following VERY CAREFULLY!

Enter your name with a space between first and last name.

Once Registered;
In Location, please enter at a minimum - The Country you live in.

For your Signature enter - The Power of your Laser, The Size of the bed, The home position (TL or TR) for top left .., Your First name.

ONLY correctly filled in settings will be accepted.
NOTE: Names like Jack23 and Suzie4395 are only acceptable if you provide Birth Certificate or Drivers License to prove that is your LEGAL NAME.
All requests without full name and as stated above, will be deleted.
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