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Postby Keith Sherwin » Sun Dec 18, 2016 8:21 am

Today, I have started removing people that have joined the forum but have not posted in the "Tell Us About You" section. It does them no good to be a member of this forum because without posting, they can't really see the forum. I am still confused why they would go through the hoops to join and then NOT POST. Total waste of time & energy on all our parts. Fairly soon, I will be removing people that have not completely posted their signature and location. All of these people are the reason it requires so much work for others to become a member.
Update: All but 3 of 50 so, have been removed. Looks like things will now start to normalize.

So, if you will not post in the "Tell Us About You" section don't even bother trying to join as what you see right now is ALL you will ever see.
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