Machine Settings

RESCUE Files for various sized and makes of machines.
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Machine Settings

Postby Keith Sherwin » Thu Sep 22, 2016 12:06 am

These files are Backup files for machines that are VERY SIMILAR TO the one Russ has.
Only use these if you have lost your own backup files.
The Vendor goes in the vendor Settings click on menu [File] -> [Vendor settings] and enter rd8888
then with computer connected to the laser, and both turned on, Click on "READ",

To make a backup of a good setting, do the stuff in red, otherwise skip to the black text.
this is where you would then click on "Save" and choose a name like "Original Vendor File", if you are making a backup.

If you are replacing a really bad Vendor setting, then click on "Open" and enter the file name, then click on "WRITE". Turn the laser off, then back on & it should be reset to the new parameters.
Vendor file is *.RDVSet

For the "USER" settings, Click USER TAB-right hand side, Click on Read,
To make a backup of a good setting, do the stuff in red above, otherwise skip to the black text.
then "Open" to Select the replacement file, then "Write" to put it in the machine. Restart laser.
User file is *.RDUSet

Following that, you may need to do the following to get correct scaling. Please read this.
User Vendor
Only use if you don't have a good backup.
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