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Novakon - Charlotte NC

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2016 8:42 am
by Keith Sherwin
John Sandstrom from Novakon has decided to support our forum.
John sells Bodor Lasers along with CNC Machines.
We do hope you consider them when purchasing a laser.

Novakon International Corp is a company that understands the needs of hobbyists, schools and small to medium sized businesses. We design, sell and support our CNC machinery for both milling machines and laser cutters. We pride ourselves for the support and the quality of our equipment we offer to our customers while we make sure in being competitive by offering best value for your dollar. Outstanding products with great support are the two most important philosophies in our company. We offer our support and knowledge with equal vigor and commitment to both new equipment and older phased out machinery.

For certain equipment, integration of our sub-assemblies is done in our US location so as to allow for a flexible configuration of options that is best suited for each customer. By integrating the equipment within our shop, we can personalize your order up to the last minute by testing and tweaking before shipping. This ensures superior quality checking prior to shipment by our expert engineers and personnel.

Our engineering team is constantly looking for ways to improve our products. New products are added periodically to expand our customers’ experience while also adding value to our CNC machines with upgrade kits which can easily be installed by our customers.

Our customers’ testimonials have found our training videos and the user support group base an effective way to begin using our machines within a short period after their purchase.

You can be sure that the best possible experience into the world of CNC Machinery is waiting for you at Novakon International Corp.