Simplify3D for 3D Printing ?

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Keith Sherwin
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Re: Simplify3D for 3D Printing ?

Postby Keith Sherwin » Sun Dec 11, 2016 9:45 am

Gene, I think Dustin has a friend that sells a pretty good one. You might plan on looking at it if you are in the Phoenix area.
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Gene Uselman
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Re: Simplify3D for 3D Printing ?

Postby Gene Uselman » Sun Dec 11, 2016 10:01 am

Thanks- I bookmarked it (found that I already had bookmarked it) for reading on the road trip we are setting off on Tuesday till the new year. I did two years in what is now called a vocational college in 1965-6 (for Electonics) and then a year of programming in 1967. That of course was a different lifetime and a lot of dead brain cells ago, but I have been able to make my living with computers for 30 years or so. So, I am a rube but not a complete rube. Gene
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Dustin Hawkinson
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Re: Simplify3D for 3D Printing ?

Postby Dustin Hawkinson » Mon Dec 12, 2016 6:59 pm

The printer I suggested a while back is one that a friend of mine has, but he doesn't sell them. You can get them on amazon or other places. It is the Lulzbot Mini and it is quite remarkable in my experience.

The downside, is that unlike some of these desktop printers aimed at people with zero experience, you still need to use a slicer like S3D or Cura which have learning curves. I've used some of the proprietary "noob" friendly pieces of software like the Cube 3 ships with and I find they are pretty terrible, but almost anyone can sit down and successfully print with them.

So I don't have the answer either :( I would recommend the Lulzbot mini to anyone who worries about the crazy amounts of problems 3D printers can have, but it's not a plug-and-play that anyone can sit down and use without experience or some time to learn (like the library).
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