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Gene Uselman
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Laser Machine Make or Type: AKL1318-2
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Laser Bed Size: 51 x 71
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RDWorks Version: RDw .19 & Lightburn
Ruida Controller: RDC6445
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How to ask for help on our forum........

Post by Gene Uselman »

We work hard at running a civil forum for everyone and attempting to answering most of
the many questions members have.

It takes time to answer a question and it is easier if we understand the question and
context of where it comes from. These are some things that will help us help you...

[ ] Are you new to this machine? How long?

[ ] Is the problem new or long standing? Did it work yesterday but not now?

[ ] Which software are you using and how familiar are you with it?

[ ] Most machines are cabinet models with stepper motors for X, Y, and Z axis- how is
your machine different from these parameters?

[ ] Have you tried to troubleshoot the problem, and what have you tried [with what results].

[ ] If pictures would be helpful, think about what you are trying to show and crop the pictures
so that they are more meaningful. There are many cropping programs built into computers.
If you can put text and arrows on the picts, wonderful, if not explain what the picture is pointing
out to us.

The more details you provide the more interested members will be to help. Some questions
are so open ended that a person knows this will be a time investment and everyone has time
constraints. The more are details provided the faster [and more likely] you will receive a solution.
Most of our members are happy to help but you can assist them in wanting to help. Again- please help
us help you. Please post a message if your problem is solved, and how you solved it. This will help
future users identify which suggestions are the most useful. Thanks Gene and Pete
If the Help and advice you received here was of VALUE...
Please consider making a donation to maintain the RDWORKSLAB Forum.

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The days that I keep my gratitude higher than
my expectations, Well, I have really good days.

Ray Wylie Hubbard
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